GC Weekly Activities—

What do volunteers do at “GC Central”?

We Pray:
Before every work session, we gather together to offer Praise and Requests. Many of the requests are for people we have not met—family and friends of volunteers, church members, those who are hurting in our world. We ask God to bless the work of our hands and hearts and to bless each recipient.

We Wrap Gifts:
We wrap gifts of all sizes and types—from small “entertainment” bags for children, to medium-size “comfort” bags for women and mothers, to large “welcome” baskets and birthday gifts, to very large layettes. All gifts contain a handcrafted item (at least one), a GC card (pictured), many practical items, along with gifts such as jewelry, dressy scarves, pictures and frames,and snacks. The bags all have pretty wrapping tissue paper and bows. Why? Because we believe that beauty adds joy to our message of comfort and caring.

We Shelve Inventory:
Incoming Inventory - Bags and boxes of new inventory sit all over the floor and on tables, sometimes even making it a bit difficult to walk around the small area.

Warehoused Inventory - Everything has a place, marked on a shelf or bin.

Outgoing Inventory-  One room is lined with shelves, even running down the middle of the room, much like a small library. 

In the small rooms of GC, it's a bit like a non-choreographed dance--people shelving new inventory items, people removing inventory to wrap, people hefting large boxes of filled bags onto marked shelves ready for delivery. 

We Keep Records:
Our recordkeeping has a purpose beyond careful accountability—to be able to send accurate receipts to donors, in keeping with GC’s tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3 charity. Receipts and thank you letters are sent bi-monthly as well as at year-end. If we have e-mail addresses, we also send acknowledgments very soon after donations are received.

Company Profile

Who We Are

Grandma's Comfort


Founded: Founded: Christmas Day 2005

Founders: Diane & Tom Zimmerman

Areas of Expertise: Outreach, funding, administration & management, resource development, Christian life & education

Diane L. Zimmerman, PhD, President and Treasurer, is a former professor and administrator at Christian colleges and a university, with emphasis on community outreach.
Thomas E. Zimmerman, PhD, Vice President, is a former music professor at a Christian college and currently plays with local community concert bands.
Karen J. Smith, BA, Secretary, is a Christian education director and former children's librarian.
Brenda K. Hercula, BA, Director, is a pastor's wife and consults with the church's outreach ministry.
Amy L. Byle, BMus, Director, is a church music minister and web writer and editor at a university.

Grandma's Comfort charity was founded on Christmas Day, 2005. It is located in Lansing, Michigan and serves various sites throughout Michigan, in Haiti, and abroad.

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