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Expressing Gratitude

Every month brings in a variety of thank-you notes reflecting the various agencies we serve: some from children and teens as well as those from women and men. What is so heartwarming is that each note expresses gratefulness for all of the types of items found in each gift bag; handcrafted pieces of all kinds, devotional books, toiletries. Every one who writes to us is amazed that people who do not know them yet show caring and kindness. Many tells us how blessed they feel.

Lives We Impact

GC Impact:

I just gave the b-day bag to Nikya. She just turned 6 and was very excited to see it! What a nice assortment of gifts for her in the bag. There was a jump rope to mom's delight, as she was planning on trying to buy one for Nikya soon. --shelter coordinator

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts you gave to me. They all are much needed and I will use them all. The book is very inspirational and heartwarming. It gives me strength and encouragement in these trying days that I have. God Bless each and every one who participated in putting the bag together. I'm greatly touched by your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you, God Bless.--woman in a recovery program

Thank you all who have contributed to a wonderful birthday gift for me. What a surprise and delight it was to open and see all the neat and thoughtful gifts. I praise God for all your hard work. God Bless --written on a delightful thank you notecard

Dear Grandma's Comfort, Thanks so much for the gifts and the birthday wishes! It really means a lot know that you lovely people took the time and effort to put this together for me and the gifts are very much appreciated. God bless, --Teen Refugee