Current Needs

From one woman's heart, to another woman's heart

All items in the following lists should be new or handcrafted.  


You should find joy in making or purchasing any item and are pleased to give it away for others to enjoy!

Comfort Bag Needs:
Cosmetic bags
Chap stick, lip balm, lip gloss
Combs, brushes, mirror/brush combo
First aid kits, bandaids
Kleenex, hand wipes, hand sanitizer
Travel-size lotion, body powder
Travel-size shower gel, soap
Travel-size shampoo, conditioner, or conditioning shampoo
Washcloths: in a variety of colors
Manicure sets, emery boards, nail clippers
Socks: women, men and children

Gift Items:
Wallet: man and woman
Jewelry: girl, boy, man, woman
Slippers: all ages and sizes
Tote bags, diaper bags, backpacks
Devotional readings for men and women
Children's Bibles and story books
Christian birthday cards
Activity books, puzzle books: adult and children
Crafts: coloring books (adult and child), crayons, scissors, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, markers
New towels, hand towels, and washcloths, especially washcloths
Blankets, fleece or handcrafted afghans and quilts: single, children's, or crib bed size
Umbrellas: fold-up type

Diaper bags
Crib blankets, receiving blankets
Clothing: booties and hats, onesies, gowns, sleepers, outfits
Baby products: baby lotion, baby powder, baby wash, ointment, wipes
Hooded towels, baby washcloths, infant bibs
Pacifiers, infant toys, and books

Handcrafted Materials:
Afghans, blankets, quilts, lap rugs: all sizes
Socks and slippers (or "slockers"-slipper/socks): all sizes
Shawls, wraps: could be prayer shawls
Pouches or cosmetic bags: knitted, crocheted, quilted or sewn
Tote bags, purses: quilted, sewn, crocheted, or knitted
Jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets
Layette items: bibs, crib and receiving blankets, booties, socks, hats, scarves, outfits, sweaters, sleepers, diaper bags, toys, washcloths, etc.
Scarves, hats, mittens, headbands, wristlets, neck warmers: all sizes and types
Small gifts: soaps, baskets, picture frames, embroidered or cross-stitched pictures
Toys, dolls, doll clothes
Cards: for birthdays, new babies - various ages, male and female
Bookmarks: children and adult
Other: whatever is your specialty, please add it to the list!

Yarn of all types. We donate yarn to shelters and to handcrafters.

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Current needs